Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30


Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30

Dit is een 2 kanaals akoestische versterkers (mic en gitaar) met USB opname mogelijkheid, TRRS uitgang om rechtstreeks te kunnen Live streamen naar je telefoon op het populaire ID:Core platform van Blackstar.



Blackstar ACOUSTIC:CORE 30 is the new benchmark in compact easy-to-use

acoustic amplification: ‘The Way You Play Today’

The most natural sounding acoustic tones ever with the power and flexibility of Blackstar’s world-beating CORE digital platform. This take-anywhere acoustic amp is designed for the way you play today: streaming, recording, practice or live. Its unique Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls make it simple to get a professional sound and the Super Wide Stereo will inspire your acoustic and vocal creativity.

The 60 Second Story

Proprietary Super Wide Stereo technology with Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls provide a rich, deep and spatial acoustic and vocal sound, delivering an inspirational professional live sonic experience.

Designed by the same team that developed the award- winning Sonnet Acoustic Amplifier Series, decades of design experience distilled into one compact and convenient acoustic package.

Professional features for live, home and studio use – 3 channels, livestreaming connectivity, USB recording and studio quality effects.

Top 3 Call-outs

  •   The most natural sound possible with proprietary Super Wide Stereo effects plus pro sound using our exclusive Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls.
  •   Simple, high quality live streaming via a TRRS cable.
  •   Feature packed: Multi-input (microphone, instrument,Line In), 4-channel USB audio, D.I. output and more.

Inside Information:

  •   Livestream your performance easily with a standard TRRS cable to connect direct to your compatible phone and use apps such as GarageBand and Instagram live.
  •   Enhance and Vocal Clarity controls are like having your own sound engineer, instantly creating the best possible sound for you.
  •   4-channel USB audio makes low-latency recording simple.Blackstar’s Super Wide Stereo creates an immersive stereo sound that surrounds you and fills a room.
    •   XLR D.I. output for pro quality connection to a PA at larger gigs.
    •   Adjustable tilt-back stand built-in and optional PA stand adapter.
    • Footswitchable effects for hands free operation.
    •         Why?

To give singer/songwriters the ability to get a professional sound without any sound engineering expertise, then share it via live streaming or recording, or live performance. All in a compact easily portable combo with the option of battery power.

Expand Your Rig

 SA-2 35mm PA stand adaptor.
 PB-1 rechargeable POWERBANK.
 FS-18 (or any 2-button latching footswitch).


Power                                                 30W (2x15W Super Wide Stereo)

Instrument channel                         yes

Mic/Line Channel                            yes

EQ Instrument channel                  Low, High

EQ Mic/Line Channel                     Low, Mid, High

Instrument Enhance                        yes

Mic/Line Vocal Clarity                    yes

Effects Instrument Channel         2 chorus (Vintage and Wide), 2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide                     Stereo

Effects Mic/Line Channel             2 reverb (Room and Hall) in Super Wide Stereo

Super Wide Stereo                          yes

XLR D.I. Output                              yes

Phase Feedback Suppression        yes

Speaker Emulated output              yes

Line Out / Headphones                  yes

Line In                                                yes

TRRS Streaming                               yes

USB Audio                                         yes

footswitch                                         FS-18 (Inst. Ch. Chorus on/off, global Reverb effect on/off)

Tilt-back Stand                                 yes

PA Stand Mountable                       Y (with optional SA-2 adaptor)

Speakers                                           2×5″




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