BLACKSTAR HT-20R MKII surf green

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    • Limited “Surf Green” Edition
    • 2-channel 20-Watts all tube amp
    • 2x EL84 power amp valves
    • Huge versatility for home, rehearsal or studio use
    • From pure boutique clean to mild overdrive up to saturated distortion
    • Clean channel with two switchable voices (American / British)
    • American Clean: bright and warm tone with solid bass response
    • British Clean: Looser bottom, can be pushed into midrange overdrive
    • Overdrive channel with two switchable voices (Classic / High Gain)
    • Classic: British overdrive, goes up to “Super Crunch”
    • High Gain: Aggressive high-end with tight resonant low-end
    • Patented ISF control and 3-band EQ for Overdrive channel
    • Power reduction from 20- to 2-Watts
    • Integrated USB audio out with 4-channels
    • Newly voiced studio-quality reverb
    • XLR D.I. output
    • Simple Controls for boutique tone
    • Post power stage speaker emulated output (1x 12 or 4x 12 sim)
    • Series effects loop
    • 3.5mm stereo MP3 / Line In
    • 2-button Footswitch included
    • 1x 12“ speaker
    • Top-loader panel with stage-friendly chickenhead-knobs

    The Blackstar HT-20R MkII is now available in this Surf Green Collector’s Edition colourway. Available in limited numbers, this represents a rare opportunity to get this highly acclaimed amp in a highly exclusive finish!

    The HT-20R MkII offers huge versatility for home, rehearsal or studio use. The carefully voiced preamp, coupled with an EL84 power amp, provides you with the ability to create wonderfully lush valve tones. From pure boutique cleans, to mild overdrive that cleans up by backing off the guitar volume control, right up to saturated distortion, this amp does it all.

    The best clean tones

    Two footswitchable Voices, one with an “American” character and the other with a Class A “British” sound – both are 100% Blackstar:

    • Voice 1 “American” – A clean, bright and tight tone with a solid bass response for a refi ned American tone.

    • Voice 2 “British” – A highly responsive “chime” with looser bottom for the British tone that can be pushed into a mid-range overdrive when driven hard.

    The best overdrives

    The two footswitchable Overdrive Voices are characterised by a tone which is high in gain, but avoids any of the detached top-end “fizz” often found in other designs.

    • Voice 1 “Classic” – This is the Classic “British” Blackstar overdrive.  Rich and natural it goes all the way to Super Crunch gain but cleans up beautifully.

    • Voice 2 “High Gain” – Inspired by the critically acclaimed HT Venue MkII high gain sounds, this overdrive has additional aggression in the high end with a tight resonant low-end.

    The best features

    Joining Blackstar’s patented ISF tone control are USB and balanced XLR outputs for more recording flexibility, plus a power reduction switch taking you down to 10% power and a newly voiced studio quality reverb.

    The best looks

    Now even more refined and boutique with top-loader panel and stage-friendly chickenhead knobs.

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