Weymann Plectrum banjo Style 135 (+/- 1927)


Weymann Plectrum banjo Style 135


Weymann Plectrum banjo +/_ 1927

Weymann instruments are top-quality products from the time and were seen mostly in the hands of professionals. They’re easily the same quality of build as a Vega product and have some of the most rugged, practical hardware made in the era.


This one is Style 135 .It’s an openback instrument at heart that also features a slip-on resonator for easy on-off use. That makes it practical for a folkie player who may want to go back and forth between an “old timey” openback sound and a “vaudeville” or “trad jazz” sound. It’s a lot less hassle than knobs or hooks.


Style 135 has no tonering but it does have a thick, multi-ply maple rim and a shaped top-edge. This gives it a clean, woody, but loud/poppy sound.